What’s New At The Sheriff’s Museum

Museum Construction Update, Completion!

Marilee Howe August 29

The Chairs and the Museum Committee are proud to report that the construction of the stairs, courtyard and facade are completed! Below are photos of the remodeling project. Chuck Curtis served as the Construction Manager, and was on-site for every day of the 2.5 months of activity. His presence was instrumental in keeping the project on track, and in immediate decision making that substantially improved the overall product and kept costs down. We sincerely thank him for his service to the Museum!

Note that the shutters on the gates will be open with the bars from the gate showing through so that passers by can see the helicopter and vehicles inside. The cars and helicopter will be moved back in place on Monday.

The building has been painted an almost exact match to the building next door and therefore has a much richer appearance and more in line with the vintage era. Signage is on order for the balcony area to draw the customers to the building.

A special thank you to Tom Pendergast, the RDSA and Rusty Burkett, and several other donors who have helped us with the extra expense to meet ADA requirements, painting, and additional concrete work to create the larger courtyard after removing the arches. Contributions are so important to the Museum in order for us to continue improving the exhibits and facilities and operate the Museum and we sincerely appreciate every donation, large or small!

The 2nd floor should re-open in about one week as we complete the relocation of exhibits and completion of other exhibits. All exhibits will continue to be a work in progress as we continue to improve and refine while working to remain relevant. We thank the Sheriff’s Department for their advice and assistance as we develop these exhibits!

Pictures only show so much – please come down and take a look. We are also planning a formal open house for HDSA members, docents, volunteers, Department personnel and community leaders for Thursday, October 15th from 10am to 4pm. Mark your calendars for this event! The main program will be mid day, but it will be a come and go celebration throughout the day.

Lastly, we would like to sincerely thank our volunteers and docents who allow us to operate the Museum with a small annual operating budget. Your donation of time is extremely valuable to the Museum and enriches the experience for the public!

See you at the Museum!






The museum received a $5,000 grant from SDG&E
as part of their community preparedness program. Our grant was to assist us on our continuing education program. We want to thank SDG&E !!!!

Museum Picture Chuck Curtis and Marilee Howe


Museum Construction Project, July 22, 2015

The Museum construction project is moving ahead full steam while we continue to be open to the public (at least the first floor). Tomorrow we will be able to use the front door for the public entrance for the first time since construction begin with the installation of the 1st half of the courtyard, the steps to the entrance and the ADA compliant ramp and rails. The new laid courtyard already looks beautiful, but with a seal coat to be applied, the varied colors within the concrete stamp will become evident.

There are 8 photos attached which include the latest in the
construction progress, the installation of the first half of the courtyard, children visiting the Museum (clearly construction did not stop their fun!), and two special visits from Museum donors. Dr. Jamal Habib and his family came for a special tour and they are seen in the jail cell. Dr. Habib has given generously to the Museum building project and was thrilled to see the project underway. On another day we hosted Mark Grosvenor and family who received a special award from Tom Prendergast. Mr. Grosvenor underwrote the courtyard installation and he was very happy to see the quality and the progress of the construction.

We have another 3-4 weeks before construction is complete and are able to re-open the 2nd floor. While that is happening we are upgrading exhibits on the 2nd floor and the last picture shows the process of the installation of the new HDSA exhibit on that floor.

Thank you for your volunteer efforts on behalf of the Museum, and we look forward to continued progress on the new facade and courtyard!


Dr. Jamal Habib & Family

HDSA Exhibit Construction

Museum - Fun in Wheelbarrow

Museum - gate

Museum Balcony View

Museum Courtyard

Museum Mark Grosvenor special award

Renovation and Expansion of Courtyard and Facade













Canopy: Post Holes

Canopy: Each Post, with rope & banner holder, is cement anchored. ALL Removable Canvas goes Up in 15 min, and comes down in 20 minutes.