The Museum

Wm. B. Kolender Sheriff’s Museum
Old Town, San Diego
Presented by:
The Honorary Deputy Sheriffs Association

Mission Statement
The William B. Kolender Sheriff’s Museum in Old Town, San Diego preserves and promotes the history of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department for the enlightenment and education of visitors of all ages. Its purpose is fourfold:

To maintain an informational atmosphere that is attractive to visitors of all ages, with an emphasis towards creating an educational base for school-age children relating to the role of law enforcement, and an awareness of the social dangers that could threaten their safety.

To install ongoing exhibits that focus on the Department’s continuing tradition of service through current programs and achievements. New interactive exhibits and display using applications and touchscreen technology will serve as children-friendly tools to learn through games and videos.

To illustrate the facets of law enforcement personnel and their ongoing contribution to maintain peace and safety to the County. It also celebrates the valor and courageous acts of Deputies who have unselfishly placed themselves in harms way to preserve the lives of others.

To remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their duty.

Roster: Sheriffs of the San Diego County
Agoston Haraszthy 1850-1851
George F. Hooper 1852-1853
William Conroy 1853-1854
M. M. Sexton 1854-1855
Joseph Reiner 1856-1857
D. A. Hollister 1857-1858
George Lyons 1858-1861
James McCoy 1862-1871
Samuel W. Craigue 1871-1874
Nicholas Hunsaker 1875-1876
Joseph Coyne 1876-1882
Edward W. Bushyhead 1883-1886
Samuel A. McDowell 1887-1890
John H. Folks 1891-1892
Ben P. Hill 1893-1894
Frank S. Jennings 1895-1902
Thomas W. Brodnax 1903-1906
Fred M. Jennings 1907-1914
Ralph L. Conklin 1915-1918
James C. Byers 1918-1929
Edgar F. Cooper 1929-1935
Ernest W. Dort 1936-1941
Bert Strand 1941-1962
A. Elmer Jansen 1962-1963
Joseph C. O’Connor 1963-1971
John F. Duffy 1971-1991
Jim Roache 1991-1994
William B. Kolender 1995-2009
William D. Gore 2009-Present

The Sheriffs Museum is 100% funded by its members and contributors.