Pacifica Fundraiser, October 2014

HDSA President Al’s comments extracted from his 7 October eMail


You had to have been at the fantastic Pacifica Ranch on Sunday and experienced that incredible program to have any idea of what can be done by unselfish, brilliant, dedicated and tireless workers. Even being there did not fully reveal the amount of behind the scenes planning and execution required to “pull it off”!

“Hats Off” to:

Marilee Howe and Tom Prendergast
Dario DeLuca and Robert Colucci
The Grosvenor Family
The Sheriff, the Department and its Volunteers
Heather Araiza
The Museum Committee
The Docents
Auction Bidders
Those whom I have missed commending, and
The very large Team of Volunteer Worker Bees.

We all should join in sending our congratulations and deepest appreciation to the entire “Build for Tomorrow” Team!

A huge amount of time, energy and sweat went into making this event successful! But before it could be successful someone both had to take ownership of it…and then provide leadership to the project. Marilee and Tom did… as they have for other Museum fund raisers.